Sunday, October 9, 2011


What a fun evening!  One of Emilys little classmates had a pirate birthday party at Camels Back Park.  His momma and daddy dressed up accordingly...her as wench and he as Johnny Sparrow.  Most of the kiddos had on some type of pirate get up.  I need to make a mental note to self for themed parties dressing up is great fun.  Anyway a lot of thought went into this; they offered pulled pork, beans, salad etc, there was a treasure map that directed the kiddos to different locations around the park and at each spot they were given a little treasure with the real bounty being found at the end.  The first spot they had a choice of either a skull/crossbones scarf for the head or a crispy creme style pirate hat, from there it was onto trying to scoop a "snake" out of some blue goo, than up, up and up the hill and back down to get your hook, from there they ventured to a spot where they rec'd their eye patch, each time all the kids waited in anticipation on what the next treasure would be! The treasure box was filled with loot such as necklaces, gold gumballs, taffy, chocolate coins and rings.  Each little pirate could put 5 things into their goody bag, Miss Emily chose well.  She opted for 5 gold gumballs. She thought it was really funny because at first daddy thought they were bouncy balls. :)  Happy 5th birthday "J". Thanks for having us...Arrrrrrr......

Hmmmm...not quite sure about being a pirate just yet

Getting my own snake, a rare purple snake

Wait for me mateys....

Oh, ah.....The Motherlode

One of the worlds cutest pirates, Arrrrrr......

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Re-Adoption Day

A special day for us.  Our daugther was placed in our arms forever on February 22 and although she became a US citizen upon our arrival in San Franscisco our state does not require you to re-adopt your child once home. As we moved along with our second adoption and started getting all of our ducks in a row or at least trying to we realized that it would be better to have a US birth certificate when we applied for her passport.  The other really special thing is that both my husband and I will be listed as her parents on her US birth certificate.  She was in our hearts long before we knew her or even held her so in reality this is more of a formality but none the less a special event!  We went out to delicious Chinese food afterwards to celebrate, it was a fun day. :)

Daddy and Emily

Mommy and Emily

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Trying to catch up with all the happenings for September!

September was a busy month for us.  Besides it being a month to harvest our garden, can, freeze etc we had our wedding annivesary and my birthday. 
This year we celebrated our 7th year of being married.  In Hebrew, seven ([b'v, - Sheh-bah) is from the root word meaning to be complete or full.  I really do feel full with the richness of being blessed with such a kind, gentle and loving man.  The path has not always been easy, there have been seasons of hurt and disappointments however the joy and love we share trumps the sorrow any day. 
We really didn't know what we were going to do for this anniversary due to my limitations.  The day before I gave Rick some goodies for the Fun Run he entered, I loved that he was surprised.  That evening we opted for a quaint and quick dinner at The Brick Oven Bistro, a stop at REI, and home.  Once home we said good bye to the sitter, we put Emily to bed and watched a movie.  It was pretty low key.  On our anniversary we went to church and afterwards Rick and Emily surprised me with some special treats too.  And while we didn't do anything extravagent I am content.  I am blessed to have a great husband and a family that loves me.
Love to each of you...
Happy 7th

Opening presents with my little helper

One of my favorites