Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday

We had a fun family & friends 3rd birthday open house on Sunday for Miss Emily.  She had decided early on that she would like a Disney Princess party.  She had a great time opening presents and giving hugs.  At one point while opening presents she said "enough presents lets eat cake".  Her birthday wish was that she she loves her BFF Emi.  Emily looked adorable in her all pink outfit and ruffled petticoat.  I have to say I can't believe my baby is 3 now.  She has gone from looking like a toddler to a little pre schooler.  She loves her books, crafts, playing outside, and being a "helper". Her temperment swings back and forth from fierce independence to still needing/wanting her mommy and daddy.  Just in the last couple of weeks she has been trying out calling me "mom" instead of mommy. We are so proud to be your parents.  Emily, little monkey, you are a blessing and dream come true! We love you. xoxo

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Abundant Blessings

Wishing you all a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!  I have so much to be thankful for food on our table, a warm bed to sleep in, freedom of religion, a loving and helpful husband, a daughter who daily is teaching me what patience, silliness, and discovery is really all about, friends who I love and are truly more like family, and of course our extended family that live close by. Life can be demanding and responsibility can take the zest out of a day, yet in spite of that I am grateful and blessed. Thank you Lord!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lets try one more time

                                            Daddy trying to encourage Emily it will be ok

Oh my gosh!!! So this is for real, I have been trying to type this one post with pictures for almost an hour now.  I have had to do it over more times than I feel like counting right now. I guess I could be positive and say it's all part of the learning curve however I am more frustrated than positive right now.  Grrr...
Anyhoo, this picture is one of the most important ones that goes with the post below as it is daddy trying to calm her fears and encourage her that getting your haircut isn't a big deal.  I couldn't leave this one out!!
Kudos to all you infamous bloggers out there who make it seem so easy and post almost daily. I am in awe. 

Big Day Out

                                                         Mommy and Emily at the salon
                                            Kolee (the stylist) telling her it will be ok
Not quite so sure what to think yet
                                                        Emily giving it her approval

Saturday was a big day for Miss Emily. We took her to get her very first haircut. She was all dressed up and looked so cute in her sparkly jeans, dressy coat and of course she wanted to bring her little red purse to hold all of her "treasures".  She was pretty excited until it was actually time to sit in the chair for the trim. It took both Rick and Kolee to convince her it wouldn't hurt. Kolee even went so far as trimming her Sweet Pea Beauty veggie tale doll hair first so she could watch and see how easy it would be. Emily didn't need a "real" haircut because her hair just recently started going over her ears and touching her collar. We took her because she still has crib hair in the back and it gets snarly so we are hoping this will help out. So with that being said when I asked for a snippet to take with us there wasn't even enough hair to take home! It was a micro trim with two snips and than it was all over.  Emily told us how she was "really brave" and than she was so happy to get a lollipop of her choice and come home.  What a sweet girl!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Time for Everything

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven" Ecc 3:1
This is one of my favorite verses as it speaks of Gods sovereignty over our lives, it's all in His timing not ours. However I must say even having that knowledge and understanding doesn't seem to make it any easier when you are waiting for your daughter to come home and be united with your family.  Ugh! We got news back that some of our papers for our adoption need to be re-done.  Anyone who has been down this road knows that this isn't what you want to hear.  It means more delays which translates to it taking longer to get onto the actual "wait list".  Which brings me back to this verse as I try to remind myself (as does my dear hubby) that I am not the one controlling this and that these little set backs have purpose. It's kind of ironic since we've adopted before and most of this process is familiar to us that I still react the way that I do. :)

On another note I have some VERY exciting and fun news that I will be posting and sharing about soon!  Stay tuned... 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting Closer

Our paper chase is complete and our dossier (required documents) is being reviewed. This is such a big milestone as the "chase" is both tedious and time consuming especially with a little one "helping".  I can't wait until we have the coveted DTE (dossier to Ethiopia) and can sit back and wait upon the Lord's timing.  In reality though I know I am going to be anxiously awaiting our referal and counting the days until we are brought together as a family.  What a sweet day this going to be! I just love thinking about this part so here is where I will sign off for today! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orphan Sunday

Today is Orphan Sunday and November is recognized as National Adoption Month. I have to say that sometimes I stumble on the verbage "orphan".  The word itself makes my heart sad.  The dictionary definition of an orphan says: A child who has been deprived of parental care or one that lacks support, supervision. This takes me back to when we were in China bringing our first daughter home. While the dictionary definition doesn't tug at my heartstrings the knowledge that our beautiful daughter was left at what we like to call her finding spot which in reality is where she was abandoned takes on a whole new meaning and makes it very real and personal.  My bit of peace that I do have is because her birthmother chose life and as a result blessed us with our daughter; for that I am grateful. She blesses us daily and we can barely remember life before her.  Adoption may not be on your heart but the needs of the orphan are many.  I ask that each of you be still and listen to see if you hear the Lord speaking to you....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fundraising and under construciton...

Although our site is currently under construction we are still fundraising for our adoption.

You can purchase beautiful handmade recylcled magazine necklaces that not only support us in our journey to Ethiopia for our daughter but also the Karomajon women in Jinja,Uganda who recieve a portion back to help feed their children.  We have set up paypal for your convenience. 

Many blessings and thank you!