Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun Field Trips

Field trip days are always so much fun!  Usually the pre-k students and the kindergartners go together for the adventure.  Parents are always welcome and it's neat that so many do choose to come along.  The last two field trips daddy went with Miss Emily and her class.  They visited the Discovery Center and a local fire station.
At the Discovery  Center the pet clinic was a huge hit with Emily.  There was just so much to do and explore, it was a great day! The best part is that it is hands on learning and fun.

At the fire station they learned a lot too, some things we hadn't even thought of.  The first question that was asked

  • do you have an escape route set up and put in place at school and in your home
  • they learned to stay low and crawl against the floor if they smell smoke to prevent smoke inhalation
  • they learned what a fireman looks like all dressed up in his gear so that they don't hide in fear if they ever encounter seeing one
  • does your smoke detectors work 
  • do you know how to call 911
probably other questions as well, I just can't remember!  The day ended with each of them receiving their very own little red fire hat to take home.  Good times!

Discovery Center pics first followed by Fire Station #17

up, up and up I go....


I'm a genious ;)

I think you quacked your neck 

This is cool

Me and couple of my buddies listening to the fireman talk 

This is what a fireman looks like, do not be afraid

Fireman Phil lending a helping hand.

Has to be a certain weight for the bottom to open up on pole

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Pre-K Class 2012

This was fun!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chinese New Year Dinner

January 23, 2012, Year of the Dragon.....

This year on Chinese New Year we celebrated at home.  Emily invited a few special guests to dinner; Grandma and Grandpa Great and Grandma Connie.  Daddy took Emily to buy flowers to remind us that new things can always grow. We decorated with red lanterns and dragons.  Red means good luck and happiness in China. We put the tiny tangerines in a bowl that stand for money and good luck. We put some chocolate coins in the red envelopes. Emily put on her pretty pink Chinese dress (thank you "M" family for bringing this back from China), and my hubby in his Chinese shirt. I stayed in pj's as I began the meal prep.  We served Edamame beans, pork with hot mustard, egg drop soup, shrimp fried rice, Szechuan chicken, and the dessert came from a local Asian store that I do not know what it really was, kind of like a doughnut only not as soft. We toasted plum wine and drank hot tea.  It really was a lovely dinner.  I think I am starting to get the hang of making a few Chinese dishes. So far the Szechuan Chicken is my favorite.
Note to self that I need to get myself ready before the doorbell rings and our guests are arriving. LOL....

Enjoy the pics...

Chinese New Year Dinner (yes that is a snowman in the back ;) )

Our Family

Grandma & Grandpa Great with Emily 

Grandma Connie and Emily 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trusting your plan

Ok, this is going to be the longest post I have ever written. So if you don't have time to grab a cup of something warm and sit down you may want to come back. :)

I want to make sure that I remember as many details as I can, thank you for letting me share my story with you.

Isn't it funny how we plan our lives thinking that we are in control?
"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps" proverbs 16:9 

We started this "Journey to our Beloved" with a desire for a baby girl.  Over the course of the past 14 months the Lord has been opening our hearts for the change that was about to happen that we knew nothing about.
Most recently on our agencies waiting child list two precious little girls who are in need of a forever family tugged at my heart.  So began a deep soul searching and prayerful time as to what the Lord was asking us to do.  Believe me, fear had a grip on me. Dear Lord this was not MY plan.  We prayed and we talked, we prayed some more.
 Our pastors wife, Nancy prayed with me before I sat down to hear the message.  Rick was home sick in bed. I actually think he already knew in his heart and he was just waiting for me to catch up.  I believe that I was there by myself so that I would have the ears to hear. It needed to penetrate my heart.  We are studying the book of Joshua and when I look at the notes that I took I am in awe.  I needed to hear this!

  • Put your trust in God - step out and let me move
  • You are rooted in Gods promise and plan
  • I'm going to do this and I'm going to give you the confidence it's Me.
  • To see me move, you are going to have to obey
Our associate pastor Trevor went on to say that God is going to do things that we can't do on our own.  Pause and prepare yourself spiritually so that you are in His presence. Let Gods power work in you and through you. 

I had two different people give me something to think about at church. I love when people share like that. 

After coming home the soul searching began intensely.  My poor hubby, I am analytic, I'm a women and I process ALOT... it was good though, I needed to ask myself the hard questions, I needed to face my fears and search my soul.  It really all came down to His plan was different than mine and I was stomping and kicking my feet.  The funny thing is I have prayed all along "Your will, not mine" I just didn't take into consideration that His plan might look different. I wrestled with confusion too.  I am so thankful God is patient and merciful. I knew deep in my heart that I was being asked to say yes to these sweet, precious girls.  However to do that it would take surrendering and a heavy dose of trust. Did I mention that I have trust issues?  I know right?! 

One of the moms from Emily's school had joined us for some impromptu prayer earlier in the week and she took me aside afterwards and said "God is going to make a direct path to your girls".  I should have appreciated the encouragement but I was still not sure what that meant.   

I am happy to say that God is bigger than my fears, my hang ups and I can trust Him. I took that step of blind faith and when I said yes, I felt peace!! 

We are going to be the proud parents of two cute little girls from Ethiopia.  My husband is so happy and our daughter Emily cannot wait to meet them and play with them. I already can envision "The Three Musketeers" running and playing.  

We appreciate any and all prayers,
Connie :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Aloha! To anyone still taking a peek at my blog I am still around!! Let's just say November up til now has been a whirlwind; good times and of course unexpected changes. I have a lot of catching up to do so please check back often, I promise to try to be more proactive with posting!  ;)

Our good friends vacation on Maui and on one of their trips back home they surprised Miss Emily with this hula dancer attire.  We always wondered what the special occasion would be for this particular outfit. Now we was "Hawaiian" night for AWANA's and she had the perfect outfit! She was so excited to wear it and I must admit she looked adorable.  She is going to have a ton of fun playing dress up in it again.  Thank you M family!