Sunday, May 8, 2011

Greatest gift..mother

"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother" Lin Yutang
My Momma relaxing in Portland,OR
This is a great quote "we never know the love of a parent until we become parents ourselves".  That rings so true.  I now understand the sacrifices that my mom made for me, the fact that she loved me enough to set household rules , that sometimes "no" was just how it was but more importantly she taught me how to be strong, to be a lady, to learn right from wrong and choose accordingly, she personally thinks travel is one of the best educators so I was blessed to go on some really great vacations and experience things different from me and from those experiences I gleaned compassion and a love for other culutres. My mom is tender, independent and complicated.
When I was single we would take mother/daughter shopping trips here and there.  I can barely believe that was 10 or 11 years ago.  Well in April for my moms birthday I decided it was time to do it again so I booked us a trip to Portland, Oregon.  Let's just say she was a bit excited.  We had such a nice time just hanging out together and shopping a bit.  It rained 2 of the days and the rest of the time it was pretty cold and windy but none the less we made the most of it.  I am grateful to still be able to have these kind of special times with my mom. I will always treasure these memories. I feel blessed that she lives nearby and that we see each other weekly and chat often. I love you mom!!! Happy Mothers Day.

Blessings to every mother and mother to be out there; wishing you a wonderful day of love and rest!!