Friday, June 10, 2011

Emilys Cottage

Emily and Daddy unloading her playhouse

Go daddy!

I love my new playhouse, thanks "E"

Some of our dear friends are making some changes to their backyard and asked if Emily would like their playhouse.  Well being the little mommy that she is of course the answer was a resounding YES!!!  She just loves playing house and having a place that is her very own.  She asked if we could add a mailbox and a couple of other things.  We flood irrigate so my handy hubby rushed out to Home Dep*t to get some materials to lift if off the ground a bit and add a floor.  I need to confess I think Rick and I were almost as excited as Emily about having a playhouse.  Thanks guys!  Summer just got better and she can't wait to have her BFF over to play in it with her.