Thursday, June 2, 2011

The "Project"

While I was in Portland, Oregon with my mom my hubby decided to surprise me with a complete overhaul of our garden area.  He came up with a design which included 21 garden boxes, work area, and a fountain. And being the handyman that he is he also decided to plumb water to each box and add electricity so that we could have lights at night if need be.  In hindsight what he had hoped to be a DIY weekned project has instead turned into an overbudget and LONG drawn out project.  God bless him as he has been competing with rain almost everyday.  Most days rain or shine he is out there under a canopy cutting, drilling, hammering and working away.  I think this weekend he will be wrapping it up by filling the boxes with topsoil and putting the pea gravel around the outside of the boxes.  Whew, we are almost ready for planting if only the weather would warm up enough. We are still dipping into the 40's at night and barely getting into the 60's during the day.  All of this to say, THANK YOU honey for working so hard on such a wonderful and thoughtful surprise. I am sure our garden will bless us for years to come! I will post pics as the season progresses so you can see the finished project. Oh, and I can't forget to mention his little helper Miss Emily.  She has been out there right beside him whenever given the chance, thank you sweetie! I love you both!