Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun Field Trips

Field trip days are always so much fun!  Usually the pre-k students and the kindergartners go together for the adventure.  Parents are always welcome and it's neat that so many do choose to come along.  The last two field trips daddy went with Miss Emily and her class.  They visited the Discovery Center and a local fire station.
At the Discovery  Center the pet clinic was a huge hit with Emily.  There was just so much to do and explore, it was a great day! The best part is that it is hands on learning and fun.

At the fire station they learned a lot too, some things we hadn't even thought of.  The first question that was asked

  • do you have an escape route set up and put in place at school and in your home
  • they learned to stay low and crawl against the floor if they smell smoke to prevent smoke inhalation
  • they learned what a fireman looks like all dressed up in his gear so that they don't hide in fear if they ever encounter seeing one
  • does your smoke detectors work 
  • do you know how to call 911
probably other questions as well, I just can't remember!  The day ended with each of them receiving their very own little red fire hat to take home.  Good times!

Discovery Center pics first followed by Fire Station #17

up, up and up I go....


I'm a genious ;)

I think you quacked your neck 

This is cool

Me and couple of my buddies listening to the fireman talk 

This is what a fireman looks like, do not be afraid

Fireman Phil lending a helping hand.

Has to be a certain weight for the bottom to open up on pole

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Pre-K Class 2012

This was fun!!