Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rick's Ramblings - Day 7 - Tue, 04/02/2003

Another fabulous day.  We woke up and hurried and got ready to go see baby sister.  All of us were excited to get there and love her up some more.  We went up stairs and had a great breakfast of fresh fruit, eggs, pancakes, fresh squeezed juice and macchiatos.  

Then we had Brook pick us up and take us to the Care Center.  We stopped at All-Mart (yes, Walmart with out the 'W') to get Emily a pair of shoes.  We also bought gum and balloons for all of the children at the care center.  Then we headed over there and spent a few hours with baby girl.

Mom & Baby
When we arrived at the care center, all of the babies were sleeping except ours.  She was ready to get up.  Connie was the first to hold her and she did great with Connie today.  Yesterday she cried a lot but today she was mostly content.  Emily, Pop Pop and I all played with the other children and with our sweet little baby girl.  It was a great time and ended even better.  It ended with me holding her and then Emily getting to hold her.  It was the first time for both of us.  Yesterday it was overwhelming for her to be held by Connie, so the rest of us had to wait until she was more comfortable.  Today was Emily and I got to hold and love her up.  It was so sweet watching Emily love up her little sister.

Connie was allowed to feed her and she did a good job too.  Baby ate almost every last bite.  Such a good eater.  It looked like some sort of cream of wheat cereal.  After eating we were all able to interact with baby sister.  She would reach out to my hands (Emily's too) and hold on.  She grabbed Connie's cross necklace and wouldn't let go.  It was very sweet and melted Connie's heart.  Baby sister was so content just being with mom today.

Mom & Baby
Two of the older girls who are waiting for their forever family (that Connie knows) drew us pictures today.  We told them yesterday that we knew their adoptive parents and the girls were so excited, they gave us big hugs.  Today they gave us artwork that they drew.  The did a great job.  They are such sweet girls.  I'm so happy to know that they will soon have a home to go to.

On the way out of the care center we gave all of the children balloons and gum.  They were all so thankful and appreciative.  We got hugs from each of the girls and some of the boys.  Tomorrow I'm going to try to spend more time with the boys and get some photos of them as well.  I already have some photos of the girls, but would like to get more of them as well.

Traditional Ethiopian Cuisine
Then we went back to the hotel and caught up with Joel.  He took us to a great little place were we had authentic Ethiopian food.  We had a sample platter with all sorts of great foods.  There was lamb, raw beef, more lamb, minced meat (kind of like ground beef), kit foo, shiro, and more.  Some of it is a bit spicy but I personally like that.  I tried the raw beef and thought it was really good.  I like all of it actually.  Something about eating with your hands that is just fun as well.  It was a great dinner and the best part was that it only cost about $12 to feed all 5 of us.

Next we went to the eye doctor for a new vision Rx for me.  I'm going to try to get some glasses and/or contacts.  The visit for the physician was only 50 birr (approx $2.75 USD).  I'm hoping contacts and glasses will be that way as well.  :)  If nothing else, I can bring the script back to the states and have a new script for this next year.  The third testing station was closed by the time we got there so Joel is picking me up in the morning to take me back when they open.

Kaldi's Coffee
After that we drove down to one of the Kaldi's Coffee houses.  There is one on every corner and is similar to Starbucks, even their branding.  The coffee was good and the ice cream was great!  We enjoyed ourselves sipping our coffee and enjoying our Gelato.  Again price was good.  We had 6 scoops of ice cream and 4 carmel macchiatos for about $10.

Joel at the Art Gallery
After coffee we made it to a little art gallery that also sells coffee and has a restaurant.  Connie found a couple of pieces of art that she loves.  We're hoping that we'll be able to bring one back for our wall.  She has a couple picked out that remind her of our journey, so maybe we will pick one.  :)

I'm off to bed and can't wait to get back to the Care Center to see baby girl again.  Only two more sleeps until court.  :)  We can't wait to get her home.

Thank-you all for following along and praying for us.  We're not home yet, so please continue your prayers and following our blog.