Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rick's Ramblings - Day 9 - Thu, 04/04/2013

Emily at the Clinic
Not a lot to blog about today and most of the photos I took are of the children in the care center and our daughter.  So I can't post any of those yet.  It was a nice relaxing day.  We needed one of those.  We realized that we've been going non-stop since we got here.  

We took our time getting ready in the morning and went up for breakfast.  They had Fir Fir, eggs, french toast, pancakes and cereal.  During breakfast we met some of Connie's friends from Facebook (The Coates' Family) who are here for court to adopt the little girl that has become one of Emily's favorite friends at the Care Center.  We are so happy for them and for their precious little girl.

After breakfast we gathered our things and headed to the Care Center.  We stopped along the way and bought some oranges (they're green on the outside and orange inside) and bananas for the children.  When we got there we just loved up baby sister and all the other children.  

We have gotten to know some of the older girls as well as the the toddlers and babies.  They are all on the same floor.  We have come to truly value our time at the Care Center with all of them.  

Emily is still taking over as nanny to all the children.  If one cries, she's there to help comfort.  If one grabs a toy, she goes over and tries to play.  If one spits up she gets a wet wipe or toilet paper.  She really has a loving and sweet spirit.

From the Care Center we took baby girl down to the medical clinic for an evaluation.  She did great and so did Connie.  They gave Connie a couple of prescription to help her out with her rash.  The doctor thinks she's having a slight allergic reaction to something.  Could be from fleas, bed bugs, something in the water or food, etc...  Hopefully the prescriptions will help her be more comfortable and clear it all up.

Fir Fir wrapped in Injera
After the clinic we had Brook drop us off at a little art gallery/restaurant near our hotel.  Emily had a cheese sandwich (mozzarella cheese melted between panini bread and toasted).  Pop pop and Connie had fried egg sandwiches.  And I had some traditional fit fit.  It was so delicious!!  

Then we went back to the hotel room and just relaxed for the rest of the day.  Just enjoying each others company and editing photos.  lol  :)

I'm really enjoying the traditional foods here in Ethiopia.  I've actually lost weight even though I'm eating a lot.  They don't have all the preservatives and processed foods here.  Every thing is naturally grown and nothing is genetically altered.  I can stuff myself on a traditional dish all day long and my body digests it so easily.  Not to mention all the walking we do here.  

Tomorrow is court and we're excited to pass court and then show you all the photos we have of baby sister.  As I type this it's just after 10p in Boise and 7a in Addis Ababa.  Our appt is in 6.5 hours.  So if you're up around 4/4:30a be thinking of us and say a few prayers.

I should have pictures posted by early afternoon tomorrow.  :)  Sleep tight and have a great night's sleep!

Outside the care center waiting for Brook

Motion tracking just for fun.