Monday, November 22, 2010

Big Day Out

                                                         Mommy and Emily at the salon
                                            Kolee (the stylist) telling her it will be ok
Not quite so sure what to think yet
                                                        Emily giving it her approval

Saturday was a big day for Miss Emily. We took her to get her very first haircut. She was all dressed up and looked so cute in her sparkly jeans, dressy coat and of course she wanted to bring her little red purse to hold all of her "treasures".  She was pretty excited until it was actually time to sit in the chair for the trim. It took both Rick and Kolee to convince her it wouldn't hurt. Kolee even went so far as trimming her Sweet Pea Beauty veggie tale doll hair first so she could watch and see how easy it would be. Emily didn't need a "real" haircut because her hair just recently started going over her ears and touching her collar. We took her because she still has crib hair in the back and it gets snarly so we are hoping this will help out. So with that being said when I asked for a snippet to take with us there wasn't even enough hair to take home! It was a micro trim with two snips and than it was all over.  Emily told us how she was "really brave" and than she was so happy to get a lollipop of her choice and come home.  What a sweet girl!