Monday, January 31, 2011

First love,date night and balance

One afternoon while I was driving to take Rick something at work I was listening to Air 1 radio. I really enjoy the music and the little bit of talk they do have usually speaks to my heart in one way or another. By the time I had come back home 3 things had been put on my heart; first love, date night and balance and I was nodding in agreement and saying yes, yes, and yes!!
Let me start with first love.  For me personally December was kind of a hard month I was just out of sorts all the way around and also feeling empty.  The message I heard was about God's desire to be our first love, before our spouses, before our children basically above all others. Its so easy to get caught up in life and its routine and pretty soon it's like going through the motions without any real zest or joy.  I needed this reminder that it was I who was becoming distant not the other way around.  That is was I who was not putting God first and loving Him with all my heart and soul. I was becoming complacent and who wants to live that way?Next was date night.  It was a funny little take on the radio.  The "mom" was repeating " alarm goes off, baby wakes up, needs fed, diaper changed, breakfast made, lunches packed, playtime, snacktime, lunchtime, naptime, diaper change, playdate, dinner time, bathtime, storytime, betime and than it starts all over and as it repeats itself the message goes faster and faster... I was laughing not because it's funny but because I could so relate to this crazy, wonderful cycle every day! The host was saying that the sooner your kids understand that they are # 3 the better.  Meaning #3 as in God, marriage, children.  Hence the importance of date night and cultivating your marriage. One day your kiddos will leave home and hopefully we have invested in each other and the marriage.  I know easier said than done, trust me.  However, for me personally 2011 is going to be differant!!  I love the idea of date night and time alone with my hubby. :)
Next is balance. This one seems to elude me most of the time.  The woman on the radio was asking her hubby how do I feel beautiful and have energy when I am at home all day wiping noses and bottoms etc.  Her hubby replied that this is the reason we need balance in our lives.  We need time with the Lord, we need time with our spouses but we also need time alone or with other women for refreshment and fellowship.  There are some days that we need to be able to take off the mom and wife hat and be our individual selves.  I don't mean this in a selfish way but rather a loving kind of way.  The same goes for the men in our lives, they too need time alone for refreshment and fellowship with the guys.
I have to say this was just the little motivational chat I needed to hear.  I pray that this message in some way inspires you either to draw nearer to the Lord (however that looks for you bible reading, devotionals, study groups etc), that you mark off a day or two on your calendar to get away with your hubby for some much needed couple time and lastly that you don't forget yourself.  Enjoy!