Friday, February 4, 2011

Ethiopian Christmas Celebration

Merry Ganna (which is basically Christmas and /or birth of Jesus Christ)
January 7th of this year was Ethiopian Christmas.  On January 8th we were blessed with attending our local families with children from Ethiopias Christmas celebration.  In case you didn't know Ethiopia does not go by the Gregorian calendar they use their own ancient calendar most similar to an Egyptian calendar.  I tell you this because the most significant thing about this is that it runs EIGHT years behind us.  So welcome to the year 2003!  Isn't that amazing?!  Anyhoo back to the celebration.  It was awesome we loved seeing all of the families together and the children dressed in their native clothing, they all looked adorable!  This was the first time we have eaten Ethiopian food and it was delicious; I especially enjoyed the coffee afterwards.  Emily was really shy at first bit it didn't take long for her to be running around hugging and laughing with all the other kiddos.  Emily's "pop pop" went with us and we also met up with our good friends Debb & Jeff who anyday  should be getting their referral isn't that exciting?!  It was a great evening and hopefully by this time next year we will have baby sister home too!  Enjoy the pics...  :)
Our Ethiopian Dinner: Injera is kind of like a spongy crepe, Wat is similiar to a hot spicy stew, & bread. The milk is for cooling off your mouth from the spiciness.

The family along with Pop Pop

Our dear friends Debb and Jeff

Emily with her friend Avery

pure sass

Miss Emily