Friday, February 4, 2011

Chinese New Year Celebration with our IFCA

Tonight we celebrated Chinese New Year with the local chapter of Families with Children from Asia.  It was hosted at Gateway  School of Language and Culture which is a Chinese Immersion School.  We had dinner first followed by dance performances by each class K-6th as well as performances by a Modern Chinese Dance troupe.  I have to say it brought tears to my eyes, they were all so cute and each person took it all so seriously.  Everyone was graceful and beautiful.  After the dance performances they had crafts set up in several different rooms.  Emily had fun coloring and playing with the other kiddos.  As I walked around the school looking at what was on the walls in the hallways and inside of the classrooms I was impressed with what I saw.  Numerous mentions of respect, honoring, integrity, tranquility, love and even a wall with a huge map of Africa, a work station and some of their art projects from the Africa theme.  I saw quotes of famous people in history to inspire and bring hope.  One in particular caught my eye so I took a picture of it and will post it along with celebration pictures from tonight.  What is ironic about Gateway Language and Culture School is that I attented elementary school there when it was called McMillan Elementary so to be back there after 35 years (sad but true) and to be contemplating if Emily might someday be a student there is pretty wild. Blessings to you all....

Nana with our family

Our little family

Pop Pop and Emily watching the performances

Having fun coloring

Miss Emily

mommy and Emily

LOVE this picture; my treasures

Emily took this picture of us

Gong Hay Fat Choy!