Friday, February 4, 2011

Rite of Passage

I remember always thinking that if someday I had a little girl I would pierce her ears when she was a baby.  When we became a family there was so much adjustment already taking place that I questioned if it was the "right" time. Than I began to dream (I know it sounds a bit silly) about it being a special day when she started school where we got her ears pierced, went to lunch or dinner just us girls and Nana. Now here at 3 years old I just couldn't wait any longer and while her hair is still at this little pixie length I thought why not? Thats how I roll, I make up my mind and usually just do whatever it is. I have to say there have been times this hasn't always been the best way to do things but that is a whole other post. :)  And actually this time it all worked out.  Daddy met us at the store since Nana said she couldn't bear to see Emily go through it and I wasn't sure just how well I would handle it either. After all this is my baby we're talking about. When it was all said and done she let out a loud wail and quite a fews tears were shed. Thankfully her ears were pierced at the same time and for bravery she received a pretty blue lollipop from the girls.  I'm actually glad we did it now so that by summer when we are camping, swimming etc they will be healed and we shouldn't have to worry about them too much. She looks really cute. She told me she wants to fill up her jewelry box with earrings, lots and lots of earrings.  So from this rite of passage my baby says she is now my "big girl".  My heart says oh, sweetie don't be in too big of hurry to grow up.   I love you to the moon and back.
Support from Daddy

Mommy and Emily

"X" marks the spot, this isn't so bad

the strength of daddys hands, I'm ready

Feeling a bit scared now

All done, thank goodness!