Monday, February 28, 2011

Good News, Thanks and Praise

Wow, I just came from a quick peek at the family blog on IAN's website and was I pleasantly surprised! I am going to take this opportunity to post the good news.  First I have to say where this inspiration to share this news comes from... our good friends Debb and Jeff are also bringing their child(ren) home from Ethiopia and are SO close to referal. :) check out their blog this is where I saw that their agency had some pretty crazy, good movement too!  Praise the Lord for all of it!! He is so faithful to us.  Here is the awesome news from today!

  • 7 families passed court today
  • 6 of the 7 families it was their first court appointment and were able to celebrate while in ET with their babes
  • 1 family that passed was from the new region of Gambella, so that makes 2 families who had referals from the Gambella region that have passed court
  • 12 other families received court dates today
  • 2 families received Embassy approval after only one week!!
What a blessed Monday!! I am so happy for these families. Anyone who has adopted knows that the journey is usually peppered with what seems like little hiccups or rather at the time huge mountains but what we nee to try to remember is that those little hiccups do not mean no, they mean just not yet. 
Praying these families grace, strength and peace for the rest of their journey to becoming a family. :)