Thursday, September 15, 2011

First show and tell

This week was Emilys turn for her first show -n- tell and snacks at pre school. She didn't see me when I first arrived at her school and as I peeked into her class the teacher, Mrs. Ritchie was sitting on the floor with all the kids having story time. Watching them all giggle and listen closely to the story made my heart burst with joy.  When I walked into class Emily ran over to me and was so excited for her turn at show-n-tell. We decided to share about China.  She wore her traditional Chinese dress, told them her Chinese birthname and what the meaning is, showed them her jade bracelet, passed around 2 fans and one Chinese rattle/drum.  She finshed it up by passing out "Lucky Money" in red envelopes to all of her little classmates.  I was so proud of her ebracing her heritage and sharing it with the other kids. She said next time it's going to be dinosaurs!

Chinese rattle/drum

Emily Sharing at Show n Tell time

Jesus Loves the little children

Emily hamming it up