Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Harvest Classic

We had a really fun weekend.  We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, Rick ran a fun run and we all went on a little drive to a fabulous fruit/veggie stand for some goods to can.
When Rick and I met he was really into triatholons and Kenpo Karate however as married life, work and family took over it seemed those things moved to the back burner.  Finally we are at a stage in life where we have some kind of balance and routine going and I do say that loosely. :)   He has decided to challenge himself to entering the 2012 Ironman, hence the fun runs for training.  A couple of his buddies ran the race as well, he was originally going to take it easy and do the 2 mile however upon some encouragement he joined them in the 8K.  He did great, especially for only having run a few times prior to this to get ready.  Emily and I were the support/cheering crew.  Later in the day Rick and I went to a quick dinner for our anniversary since I am still so limited on what I can and cannot do with my back.  All in all it was a great day! Enjoy the pics.

The Family

Rick, Josh and Jeff all amazing men!

Go daddy, Go daddy

Almost to the end, great job!