Monday, September 26, 2011

Good times...

It has been so fun watching Emily start pre school, taking swim lessons and most recently she began AWANA's.   Each time a little milestone is met, a verse memorized, a picture is brought home or she glances over to make sure we saw her turn swimming melts this momma's heart.  She is really blossoming and growing.  She is learning about sharing, waiting her turn to speak which is a hard one when you are so excited and have a lot to say, and making new friends.  Other things that happen during her day open the door to discussions about being "different", how some kiddos in her class are "better" listeners and she wants to be like them which in turn leads me to try to impress on her heart that as long as she is always giving it her best that is enough.  Being a good listener is a skill and it takes time. That being different is great, God made each of us unique and special we are all one of a kind. Then we talk about how in life there are going to be times when others will be better at things, which is ok.  Which leads to topics on being prideful.  And all of this could be in one conversation while she rides her bike and I walk the dogs.  Yet I pray that these doors and lines of communication will always be open between us.  I pray that she will always feel like her heart and sharing is safe with me.  And no, not all topics will be blogged about.  :)  Our Miss Emily is passionate, strong, kind and an amazing prayer warrior for many.  Oh, how I love my "baby girl".

Ok, back to AWANA'S ... During week 2 Miss Emily earned her "Cubbie" vest and workbook.  Awards night was awesome.  Seeing all the little kiddos going up when their name was called and slipping on their little vests was priceless. For anyone who doesn't have AWANA's in their area it is a 2 hour fun night for kiddos ages 4 up to 6th grade where through games and activities they learn more about the word of God.  It helps parents to nuture their spiritual walk.  They have fun theme nights, a derby car race, grandparents night and much more.  Throughout the year as they reach different milestones they earn little patches for their Cubbie vest.  They have names for the different age groups so for the next 2 years she will be a "Cubbie".   Here are some pics from the first awards night.  Enjoy and blessings to each of you!

Being called up for her Cubbie vest and book

Yea! I did it....

Look mom & dad

More little "Cubbies"

What a FUN night!