Thursday, September 29, 2011

How is it possible...

Do you remember the days when you got SO excited for your birthday? For me personally, not so much anymore.  I really enjoy celebrating family and friends birthdays and doing fun things however the closer I approach, gasp, the "BIG 5-0" the more I recoil at the thought of another birthday.  Where has all the time gone? And there is something about having children that just seems to accelerate the time too.
Yet I do count my blessings for having love around me.  I am also thankful for each day that is given to me as well.  My life is full and I wouldn't trade any of it.  I am reaching a point in my life where there is more peace.  And truthfully I am a late bloomer because if I hadn't had some of the life experiences that I have had I'm not so sure I would be saying this.  Not one bit of heartache or tears shed have gone to waste, the Lord truly has made beauty from ashes.  I pray that each of you see your life and circumstances as a blessing as well and that your heart is full of peace and joy. 
Enjoy the pics....Most of my birthday was spent on the coach due to my limitations with the herniated disc however we did get out of the house for ice cream. Yummy! Didn't bring the camera though.  My dad stopped by later in the night, I recieved birthday wishes from the rest of our family, our grandparents took us to Chinese food earlier in the week and friends left great messages.  And last but not least God bless my hubby who canned 17 quarts of peaches for me since I couldn't. :) 

Story time with Grandpa Russ

Grandpa Russ, Poncho and Emily enjoying "Beatrix Potter"

Ugh! Another birthday!!

My sweetie canning the peaches for me!