Monday, July 16, 2012

Awestruck Wonder

There is nothing quite like getting up into the mountains.  The smell of fallen pine needles, the babble of a stream, fresh air, blue skies, quiet and breathtaking scenery in every direction.  Our Lord truly knows how to touch our hearts and fill us with wonder.  

We decided to go on a day hike after church last Sunday and it was so fun and refreshing.  Miss Emily carried her own water and walked the entire 6 miles, we were really proud of her.  She loved picking wildflowers as she walked along the trail and at midpoint enjoyed playing in the river and cooling off.  Rick was able to go along leisurely and take pictures for enjoyment which was a nice change of pace for him.  And for me personally it was my first attempt at carrying weight on my back,  walking on unsteady ground, and climbing up and down since I suffered my herniated disc and nerve stuff last year.  I am happy to say that I made it and believe it or not I fared pretty well.  On our way out we heard rumbling in the sky and we enjoyed some sprinkles; it was refreshing. There was so much beauty.  The rain drops that were falling onto the river were beautiful and the mountain air came alive even more.  It was such a great day with my family!  We are looking forward to doing more hikes this summer.