Saturday, July 28, 2012

Facing your fears...

Miss Emily had great motivation for learning to ride her bike without training wheels.  She was signed up to ride with Olympian Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong in the kids ride before the Twilight Criterium.  The catch was no training wheels.  She had one month to tackle this.  Each night Rick and I would go out into the cul de sac and give it a try.  I have to be honest it was really Rick who was holding her up, running beside her and coaching her.  I was on the sidelines cheering them both on and bringing refreshments for the hard work being done each evening.  Emily suffered a couple skinned knees as she learned that looking back over your shoulder resulted in tipping over and also turning too sharply had a tendency  to do the same thing.  It was so awesome watching her each night ride a bit further, balance better and be able to do more things on her own, like starting and stopping.  On one glorious evening it all came together.  I can still in my mind picture her little legs going a million miles an hour and her HUGE smile as she is pedaling towards me and daddy is running fast to keep up along side her.  Believe it or not the next day she went around the block and through our neighborhood several times.  The day after that she rode her first ride 8.5 miles.  Daddy took her down to the greenbelt and they rode over to Grandma and Grandpa Great's house! Good job Emily, you did it!

As the days grew closer for her to ride in the Twilight Kids Ride she started getting anxious and wasn't so sure she wanted to go.  One day she said to me " momma I think I am afraid.  but I want to face my fears so I won't be afraid anymore"... such a wise little girl.  

The big day finally came.  She would at least go with her bike to the starting line.  And as she faced her fears her little legs once again peddled a million miles an hour and soon those tears turned to joy as she realized she could and did do it.  So proud of you Miss Emily.  

I hope this same determination follows you all through your life.  

Yes I can, Yes I can, Yes I can

My first ride to the greenbelt

You CAN do it Emily!!

Such a fun day! Kristen is class act all the way around...

Emily took this picture of Kristin