Monday, September 10, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho to the mountains we go

One of the best parts of July is that huckleberry season starts.  We found a "secret" place in the mountains where they are plentiful for the picking.  This season we may have went 1-2 weeks too early as some were still not ripe and a lot of them were pretty small which means you pick them forever and EVER...seriously they are the size of small bb's, it took us 2-3 hours to pick the bare minimum. For example to make jam it takes about 5 cups to yield about 5-6 small jars.  So we make it and put it under lock and key, just kidding, kind of.  :)

Enjoy the pictures, we had a fun family day!

Busy picking huckleberries 

Emily is such a great helper

Notice her "autograph" on the car

Enjoying being in the moutnains

LOVE my girl!!

The Family 

The berries