Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Little Fishie

One of the things I prayed about when we were still dreaming and waiting for Miss Emily to join our family was that she would have a love for the water like her daddy.  I remember while in China bathing her for the  first time she just cried and cried. She was already experiencing so many changes, poor baby.  The next night at bath time I called Rick in and in a matter of minutes they were splashing, laughing and she was enjoying the water.  Rick has been around water his entire life; for recreation and also teaching swim lessons and life guarding.  He is so good with kids, he is both patient and encouraging.

This summer we were able to trade work with a friend and swim instructor.  She is expecting a baby girl and wanted some outdoor pictures at a local park and in return Miss Emily was the recipient of private swim lessons.  It worked out great.  Rick also filled in the gap when they were in need of another swim instructor so Emily got a LOT of pool time this summer.  The location of the lessons is amazing, the layout and landscape has kind of "zen" feel to it.  By the end of her lessons she was able to dive standing up from the edge, do the free style with a breath or two, and go down to the bottom on the deep side to retrieve rings. I am not kidding you when I say that she can hold her breath for a long time.  She is such a tiny thing but her determination and desire to try her best is so fun to watch.  We both feel that joining swim team at the "Y" will provide life lessons such as working individually and being part of a team, setting and reaching goals, dedication and commitment.  We'll see what this next year holds...

I was a water bug myself as I was growing up but for some reason I have forgotten most of it or maybe I haven't spent enough time back in the water.  Either way if both Emily and the hubs are going to be in the pool I guess I better get a move on!

Enjoy the pics!

Cute Little Water Bug

Hi Mom :)

Front crawl with a couple breaths

Floating on her back

First Year of diving while standing on the edge

Go Emily