Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rick's Ramblings - Day 4 - Sat, 3/30/2013

We have to be up and headed out the door by 6a to go to the Nile Gorge.  So today I'm only going to post photos and captions.  Enjoy and look forward to a great read tomorrow.

Marketing Photo for Joel

Old 35mm Minolta cameras.  Any collectors out there?

Building a new rail system

The kid on the right kept taking our photo while our driver was asking directions.  They were all laughing and having fun, then I pulled out my DSLR and took their photos.  I think the expressions of the two on the left says it all.

Emily was resting on the stool and I wanted her photo.  The shop keeper told me  to wait and he brought her the ball and the hat.  Very cute

Amazing Indian Food.  When you come to Ethiopia go here.

Dining at Jewel of India

at Jewel of India Restaurant

Broncos are popular even in Ethiopia

At the Zoo

Lions, monkeys and antelope

Not sure why the pouty face here, but still cute

Chewing Banana gum that Joel bought her

Every where she goes, new friends

Holy Trinity Church

More Marketing for Joel

No words to explain the beauty

My lovely bride

She struck this pose on her own.  I just told her where to stand

She was in rare form with posing today

I think I need to make this one B&W