Monday, April 1, 2013

Rick's Ramblings - Day 5 - Sun, 3/31/2013

We went a all day on Sunday without internet, but that was ok.  We took a long journey to the Nile Gorge and to a beautiful monastery and so we didn't miss it at all.  While out about we ran across three groups of Baboons and were able to see the countryside.  Here are a few of the 200+ photos for you to enjoy.

Pack mules are a necessity in the country.

Typical farm house.

My favorite sport!  Futbol!

Just relaxing.

More Funny Faces with Joel.

Carrying clean water.  Some will walk all day just to get fresh drinking water.

We stopped at this scenic overlook and purchased some handmade baskets from a couple of these families.  The girl to the right of Connie and I really touched our hearts.

He was really good playing songs on this single string instrument.

Ping Pong and billiards is very popular.

No matter how far you are from the city or in the city, people are using burros to pack anything.

Running a little low on funds so I leased my own taxi.

Emily and Joel, still BFFs.

Just above the Nile Gorge, a group of baboons.  They were within a few feet of the van we were in.

My favorite.  She's just relaxing on the road post.

Top of the Nile Gorge before descending down the steep hill into it.  This is Joel's first panoramic photo.  He did a great job taking the series of photos for me to stitch together.

Nile Gorge Bridge, built in 2000

Coming up out of the gorge we blew a tire.  It only cost them 15 Birr ($.70) to fix it when we got to the next village.

This young man charged me 3 Birr ($.15) to take his photo.

Another masterpiece by Emily.

Emily really captured Joel's personality in this one.

A very beautiful and very old Monastery.

The museum at the monastery.  The monk with the umbrella has lived at the Monastery for 18 years now.

Inside the Monastery.  Beautiful stained glass by a famous artist.

Joel's second Panoramic.

The cemetery that is attached to the Monastery.  Anyone can be buried here for free.  The cages around the graves is to keep baboons out.

This was a beautiful trail along the edge of the canyon.

A Mountain Buzzard.  These are huge close up.  Shot with a 128mm lens.  We were close.

Giant Prickly Pear Cactus, it was taller than any of us and twice as wide.

Portugese Bridge made of lime stone and eggs.

We love these trees.  We had to walk past a group of baboons (approx 15-20 feet away)

Emily with todays driver, Mickey.

Within 15 feet of these baboons

All parents feel like this at times.  Only 12 feet away from me.

These small farms are everywhere in the country

Sunset on the drive home.  I've heard photographers say that they get tired of taking photos of sunsets.  I guess they need to travel more.