Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rick's Ramblings - 04/09/2013

Emily and myself made it home safely last night.  The travel back home was long and exhausting.  We're taking it easy today to try to rested up for the rest of the week.  It's become a very busy week.  I've already got 7 photo shoots scheduled and I've been awake for just a few hours.  I'm praising God for all the work and am happy to have it.

We really enjoyed our first two flights on board the Ethiopian Airlines 777.  Talk about comfortable flight.  The bad part was that as we got closer to home, each plane was smaller and more cramped.  So as we're getting more tired, the planes were more uncomfortable.  Too bad all flights couldn't be a 777. :)

Please pray for Connie.  She is still suffering from hives on her entire body and is trying everything.  She went to a well known Swedish physician there in Ethiopia today and was given a couple of options.  I'll be following up locally with our family physician as well to see if there is anything else to help with it.

Connie and Pop pop have been staying pretty close to the hotel the past couple of days as they get use to having Chloe in hand and become familiar with her schedule.  They went out to dinner today with a couple of families that are adopting.  I wish I could've been there.  They all went to Avanti's Italian Restaurant together.  Avanti's has amazing food.

I'm glad to see that both of these families have loved using our friend, Joel, as their guide.  We had such an amazing experience with him and it sounds like both of these families have enjoyed their time with him as well.  If you're traveling to Ethiopia, be sure to look up Joel.  Click Here for his business page on Facebook for his Sightseeing/Tour Guide business.  He also has a guest house that he's promoting.

Connie told me today that it's looking good for them to be coming home by the end of next week.  IAN has been working hard to get them home quickly and have been really going above and beyond.  What an amazing group of people there.

Emily and I are tuckered out and she's sleeping on the couch right now.  So I'm off to take a little nap with her.  Please continue praying for Pop Pop, Connie and baby Chloe.